perfoemance&movie Sorrow of indifference in Kitchen 無関心の悲しみの台所

I participate The 4th DaDao Live Art Festival as a only Japanese artist . (Space:South Gate spaceplace in Beijing Dashanzu 2006 ) I performed physical expression with the picture which I photographed in Rokkasyomura in Japan.

The 4th DaDao Live Art Festival, Beijing, 2006

The 4th DaDao Live Art Festival will be held from 1st to 5th October 2006 at South Gate Space, Process Gallery and Creek Art (Beijing) at 798 Art District, Beijing, China. About 30 artists from Argentina, Australia, Catalonia, Danmark, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, USA etc. and 20 Chinese artists and groups will participate in the festival. The artists will present their live performance works to public and participate to panel discussion in the festival conference. The artists will also give live art workshop to Chinese young artists and the art students. This festival will be the most important live art event of the year in China.
We will invite public media to visit the festival, such as magazing Youth Vision, magazine Photo, magazine Art Map, newspaper Beijing Daily, newspaper South Weekend, magazine City Weekend, magazine That's Beijing etc.

Committee of 4th DaDao Live Art Festival:


SHU Yang


WANG Chuyu

TONG Pui Yin

Participated artists of 4th DaDao Live Art Festival:

Meli Eijo+Martin Molinaro(Argentina)

Adam Geczy (Australia)

Alan Schacher ( Australia)

Gerard Altai坦 ( Catalonia)

BAI Chongmin+ WU Weihe (China)

CHAO Yepai ( China)

CHAU Yeuk Chiu (China)

FENG Weidong +Tongue Band ( China)

HUANG Rui (China)

Heiyue. JI Shengli (China)

LI Mengyuan ( China)

MA Yanling+ WANG Ningmi (China)

MAN Yu ( China)

WANG Chuyu ( China)

XIANG Xishi ( China)

XIN Xin ( China)

YU Xinqiao ( China)

ZHOU Bin (China)

Egg-Red Art Commune (China)

Right-hander Group (China)

"The Great Qin Opera" Beijing Youth Group (China)

Jane JIN Kaisen (Denmark)

Judith Egger (Germany)

Doreen Uhlig+ Mirko Winkel (Germany)

Herma Auguste Wittstock (Germany)

MOK Chiuyu (Hong Kong)

TSE Wai Kee (Hong Kong)

Yuenjie (MARU) (Hong Kong)

INOUE Rei (Japan)

NG Fong Chao (Macau)

Monali Meher ( Netherlands)

Lilia Scheerder (Netherlands)

Jeremy Hiah (Singapore)

Kai Lam ( Singapore)

LEE Wen (Singapore)

Lennie Lee (South Africa/UK)

Pascale Grau (Switzerland )

Reto Pulfer (Switzerland)

CHENG Shih-Chun (Taiwan)

Watan Wuma (Taiwan)

YEH Yi-Li (Taiwan)

Richard De Domenici (UK)

Kira O'Reilly (UK)

Mogan O'hara (USA )

Collaboration organisations of 4th DaDao Live Art Festival:

South Gate Space+Thinking Hands

Process Gallery

Creek Art (Beijing)

Live Art Development Agency (London)

Chinese Arts Centre (Manchester)

IPG-Independent Performance Group

Support organisations of 4th DaDao Live Art Festival :

Royal Netherlands Embassy, Beijing

Arts Council of England

Pro Helvetia

IFA-Institut f端r Auslandsbeziehungen e. V.

The Prince Claus Fund

Australia Council for the Arts

Danish Arts Council

Art council of the city of Munich

New World Disorder

Pukaw Art

Live Art UK

Introduction of DaDao Live Art Festival

DaDao Live Art Festival is the only live art festival in China and first international live art festival in Asia, got started in 2003.

DaDao Live Art Festival is an annual international art festival. More than 100 artists, curators and critics participated in the festival in Beijing during last 3 years from Canada, China, Finland, France, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, UK and USA etc. The festival got support from Canada Council for the Arts (2003), Now Club and Beijing Tokyo Art Projects at 798 Art District , Beijing (2003), Artist Links Programme of British Council (2004), ANA (Arts Network Asia Foundation, 2004), Welsh Arts Internatinal (2004), SOHO China Co. (2004), Arts Council of England (2005), Taihu Art Centre (2005) etc.

DaDao Live Art Festival focus on live experimental performance art from individual artist's creativity and promote live art to public. The performance during the festival is opened to publice for free. We organise conference and workshop to help communication and exchange between artists and audience.
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